Friday, February 12, 2010



Today I very happy because I can Go back home for 1 week...

I start my journey from school to home about in 11.O0 a.m by bus.In the bus,I watch movie 2012.The movie was very amazing and interesting.It was a lot of suspense in the movie.In 12.45p.m, I reach in my hometown,Teluk Intan.I was very excited to meet my love family.

After 15 minutes,my uncle take me.My father cannot take me because he was trust to become a `khatib`.Because of that he was very busy to preparing.After taking me,we go to mosque to prayer solat Jumaat.

After that,my uncle take me home.That time I was very happy because can meet my love mother and father also my siblings.I shake hand with my parent in happy and excited feeling.Then,I take lunch.After that I watch television and sleep because to tired.

In night,after take lunch,I do my homework.Then I watch television with my family.In 11.00 p.m,I sleep in my room.....

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