Sunday, February 14, 2010



Today,after I woke up,I saw my family.Before,I only saw my friends.In hostel I took breakfast with my friends,but today,I very excited because took my breakfast with my family.After took breakfast,my family and I went to town to buy thing.I also bought a clip ring file for `geografi` subject.

In the afternoon I help my mother to prepared lunch.Then we ate together with my father and siblings.After prayer solat Zohor,my father and my mother slept to rest.But I and my brother playing games.We were very enjoyed.

In the evening,I cycled and meet my friends.We talked about our experience when we in form 2.

When night,after prayer solat Maghrib,I and my father recte Quran.After that,my family and I went to the `tahlil` feast.After that,we went home and sleep.

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